Life & Matter Artistic Mindfulness Method
At Life & Matter, we set aside a couple of hours at beginning of the week to freely explore our creative sides. Every Monday evening we gather to discuss ideas, plan projects, and most importantly, make art together. We warm up with movement, cool down with sound, and play with art materials. Each week is unique, and we all leave with renewed motivation, new friends, and inspiration. Our art community is open to all! No experience necessary. 

Each Monday proceeds as follows: an opening discussion circle where we share our current projects, new ideas, and personal journeys; a guided movement warm-up to connect to our bodily vehicle; and a sound bath to create an atmosphere better suited to self- and collective-expression. We then take a moment to choose what we are called to: art supplies, musical instruments, words, performances, movements, or stillness – and from there, we create. Whether our creations are paintings, sculptures, choreography, or ideas, our goal is to find a steady flow of creative output. We are there for each other as inspiration and motivation, to help find our true medium and deepest essence. 

We are seeking people who wish to be a part of something greater; a community that unifies around art, and celebrates our differences as positive and inspiring. Bring your own personal project and materials, or collaborate with someone new. Let’s all develop this forum for each other to become the creators we are.

Life and Matter will be creating Artist showcases and special events together throughout the year to give community members an opportunity to share their art and explore their performance in a professional setting.


The Workshop
Each month, deepen your knowledge about a specific focus, such as an artistic discipline, healing modality, scientific concept, or philosophy in an intensive course. Because the topics Life & Matter practices are often quite broad and profound, more time is needed to leave with a comprehensive understanding. We sometimes partner with other practitioners to plan workshops. 

Workshops take place monthly. See the calendar for upcoming dates.

Artist Showcase Event
Every successful movement starts with a thriving social group. Join our gathering of artists and thinkers in a welcoming environment with food and drink. Connect with open people, make some music, do some painting, and maybe even play a game or two.​ Both relaxed and exciting, Life & Matter Parties have been known to be uplifting and addictive. 

The Show
Life & Matter partners with local artists to produce magnificent works of interactive performance. Journey into an alternate space of installations, characters, and narratives that ignite the spirit. Imagine entire worlds, wonderlands, and fun-houses created for you to play and interact with. Redifine what theater can be, and step into a realm of imagination and transformation.