What is Life & Matter?

Life & Matter studies the human creative process through artistic group experiences. This new method enriches all aspects of our lives through stretching and exercising our “art-muscles”. We explore, educate, and entertain one another through workshops, classes, and parties. We produce and present interactive performances and shows with local artists to create transformative experiences for our audiences. We love that little artist voice in all of us, and we believe that we can make the world a better place by listening to it. 

Life & Matter is about practicing our self- and collective-awareness. Making art brings our actions, decisions, and thought processes into focus, and sharing art makes us conscious of how we communicate. Gathering together builds community and celebrates the beautiful diversity of people, ideas, and art mediums already here in South Florida. ​

Whether you are, used to be, or ever thought about becoming a dancer, painter, actor, photographer, singer, writer, musician, teacher, athlete, businessperson, people person, or just a plain old person, Life & Matter is the most fun and open way to get there.​
Magali Wilensky- Director
Magali Wilensky is an artist, healer, teacher, and businesswoman from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is the founder and marketing director of Om’echaye, her family owned wellness center in Hallandale, FL. Magali is a renowned professional sound healer, developer of her own unique fabric art technique, and director of exploratory performance. She is also certified in Massage Therapy and Kundalini Yoga. For over a decade, Magali has dedicated herself to developing a method of interactive arts and performance to help people connect with their spirit. She holds her MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts from Brooklyn College, and her BFA in Fine Arts from The International University of Arts and Design.
Samson Hertz- Producer
Samson Hertz is an artist, art producer, and art administrator from Brooklyn. For nearly a decade he has dedicated himself to creating platforms for artists and art-lovers of diverse ages and backgrounds to share art together and party. Before founding Life & Matter with his wife, Magali Wilensky, he created and led an art collective for eight years in Brooklyn called Clash House. He is a sculptor, Emcee, beatboxer, dancer, actor, and businessman. He has an MFA in Performing Arts Management from Brooklyn College, and a BA in Interdisciplinary Science from The New School. 
“The artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist"
Ananda Coomaraswamy